About Keyvan Samini

About Keyvan Samini

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Keyvan Samini is an entrepreneur, investor, and speaker who has founded and invested in pioneering companies.  He has more than two decades of executive and professional experience in the technology, manufacturing and legal industries and has traveled globally to meet bright and accomplished people in business and academia.  As a supporter of education, Keyvan has overseen efforts to support educational institutions and mentor young leaders around the world.

For more than 20 years, Keyvan has held various positions, including CEO, President, COO, CFO, Chief Strategy Officer and partner.  As an executive who understands the importance of innovation and progress, Keyan knows that education is key to society’s progress and advancement. It is with the mission to help advance the education of bright minds that the Keyvan Samini Scholarship Program was established.  The scholarship is available to all qualified students regardless of their area of study.

Keyvan Samini earned his Master’s in Finance from Harvard University and his MBA from the University of Southern California.  Keyvan also holds a Juris Doctorate from the Ohio State University, College of Law, and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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