Keyvan Samini Scholarship Home Page

keyvan samini student in robe senior

Welcome to the Keyvan Samini Scholarship Home Page. Keyvan Samini is an entrepreneur, founder, and leader who is committed to supporting higher education.  Keyvan graduated from Harvard University with a Master’s in Finance, received his MBA from the University of Southern California, and his law degree from the Ohio State University, College of Law.  He is dedicated to advancing the education of promising students and knows that society progresses with knowledge.

The Keyvan Samini Scholarship Program provides merit-based scholarships to those students who show promise and initiative.  The goals of the scholarship program are to promote wider and deeper respect for learning in general, and for exceptionally talented individuals in particular.  The program seeks to shine a light on intelligent students and encourage the pursuit of academic excellence at all levels of education.

The Keyvan Samini Scholarship Program sees higher education as a catalyst, an agent of change for individuals, families, communities, and nations. The scholarship program envisions a community that recognizes the importance of educational achievement.

To learn more about the scholarship program, please visit the information page.